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***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from August 2018 for the pensioners who not submitted their life certificates for the year 2018.    ***     Please be noted that the deadline for the WnOP Re-Registration will be extended to 31st October 2018.    ***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from June 2018 for the pensioners who obtain pensions via High Commissions and not submitted life certificates for the year 2018 until 25.05.2018.    ***    

Mr. Wimal Rubasinghe donates books to the library

Mr. Wimal Rubasinghe, prominent writer and artist has donated number of valuable books of his private collection to the library of the Department of Pension on 29.07.2015. In the meantime several parcels of books have been presented to the officer in charge of the library and a retired lady and a gentleman who were in the audience. Mr. Wimal Rubasinghe, who marked his sign as an excellent officer in public service, has committed to public service holding different posts from clerical service up to the level of the Secretary of Ministry.

During his tenure, he had held the post of Secretary of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Chairman of Central Environmental Authority and Chairman of Sri Lanka Rupawahini Corporation. Literary reviews, translations, poem collections, short stories collections, novels, magazines and various books and magazines were included in his collection donated to the library. Mr. Rubasinghe made this occasion also to appreciate the Department for opening a library for the benefit of present as well as future pensioners and their children.

At this moment, Mr. Sunil Hettiarachchi, representing the Department, expressed his belief that an avenue can be made by this library to create people with imagination in accordance with the concept “Books are the window to the world”. Further he stated that the library is always open for the staff of the Department, their children, pensioners’ community and their children and grandchildren and also for the people and children of surrounding area. A group of officers of the Department and pensioners have participated in this remarkable occasion.