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***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from August 2018 for the pensioners who not submitted their life certificates for the year 2018.    ***     Please be noted that the deadline for the WnOP Re-Registration will be extended to 31st October 2018.    ***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from June 2018 for the pensioners who obtain pensions via High Commissions and not submitted life certificates for the year 2018 until 25.05.2018.    ***    

Training Workshop for officers in Sathkaraka Piyasa from John Keels Group of Companies

John Keels group of companies conducted a training workshop on customer satisfaction for officers serving in Sathkaraka piyasa of the Department of Pensions at Cinnamon Grand hotel on 03.07.2015. 40 officers representing various divisions have participated in training workshop and the workshop was conducted by Mr. Shashi Jayawardana, Manager, Training and Development and Mr. Shane Ferdinandes , Assistant Manager, Training and Development.

A discussion was held prior to the workshop with Mr. Sunil Hettiarachchi, Director General of Pensions at the Department by these officers on 02.07.2015. The importance of paying attention mainly to the customer satisfaction was discussed in the workshop since the customer is the decisive factor for the existence and prosperity of an institution.

At this occasion, whilst stating that the customer care and service delivery of private sector are at a higher level, Mr. Sunil Hettiarachchi , Director General of Pensions, extended his gratitude to John Keels for joining constantly with the Department in order to train and make the awareness of officers on methodologies to enhance the service delivery.