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***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from August 2018 for the pensioners who not submitted their life certificates for the year 2018.    ***     Please be noted that the deadline for the WnOP Re-Registration will be extended to 31st October 2018.    ***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from June 2018 for the pensioners who obtain pensions via High Commissions and not submitted life certificates for the year 2018 until 25.05.2018.    ***    

Department of Pensions signs an agreement with LB Finance

Mr.Sunil Hettiarachchi, Director General of Pension and Mr. Roshan Jayawardana, Deputy General Manager of LB Finance have signed the memorandum of Understanding on 02.09.2015 at the Department for reemploying pensioners’ community under Divi Aruna programme.

Accordingly the pensioner will have an opportunity to earn a certain percentage by way of introducing customers to this finance institution. The responsibility of the institution as well as the customer will be fully borne LB Finance after

such coordination is concluded. Therefore this plan has been designed so as not to cause any difficulty to the pensioner. Further an Identity card and a Bank card will also be issued to the pensioners who register under LB Finance.

With this agreement signed with LB Finance, one of the leading financial institutions of the country, Pensioners will be able to obtain reemployment opportunities. In the meantime the benefits offers at the time of applying small and

middle scale loans, strengthening the financial circulation of the country and the economic conditions of pensioners can be highlighted as additional returns of the project.

This programme will be implemented covering all districts of the Sri Lanka. Mr. Ravindra Pathmapriya, Director (Development) , Mr.D.S.Padmasiri, Chief Accountant of the Department Mr.M.M.A.P.Kumarasiri, Manager, Enterprises Development have also participated in the event.