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03/2015 (Revision II) Obtaining Pension Benifits on the date of Retirement circular released.     ***     04/2016 Agrahara insuarance for pensioners circular released.     ***     Special Letter - EB examination for Document Assistant released..      ***      Special Letter - forward pension files of foreign pensioners to DoP released...      ***      Special Letter - Award pension for gov.officers who appointed after 45 years age...

Department of pensions obtains the suggestions and views for the action plan 2017.

Department of pension launched a program in the mere purpose of strengthening the community of pensioners satisfied emotional and social Aspects to obtain the suggestions and views to prepare the Action plan of the year 2017 from the Development officers who are serving in the department, related services and divisional secretariats on 08.12.2016 at the Holiday Resort Wedamulla Kalaniya.The priority was given to prepare an action plan on order to provide a maximum service to the

pensioner community being the excellence of the government sector with the technological changes of pension payment the maximum benefits from the government expenditure. Officers were made aware regarding the modification central data system and the matters arising when filling the New Pension Application PD 3 online and to facilitate the pensioner to solve their issues at the Divisional Sectarian office in their area ,avoiding the unnecessary visits to the Department of Pension.

Providing effective service reducing the further practical problems encountered when issuing train weren’t online were discussed. Director General of Pensions Mr. Jagath D Dias, Director of Pensions Mr. K.R Patmapriya (Organaisation and Development) Chief Accountant Mr. D.S Pathmasiri, IT Instructor Mr. Edward Perera and the Develpoment Who are serving in Department of Pension and Island wide divisional secretariats were also participated.