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***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from August 2018 for the pensioners who not submitted their life certificates for the year 2018.    ***     Please be noted that the deadline for the WnOP Re-Registration will be extended to 31st October 2018.    ***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from June 2018 for the pensioners who obtain pensions via High Commissions and not submitted life certificates for the year 2018 until 25.05.2018.    ***    


Special series of lectures with the direction of Western Province Health Services Office explaining the functions to be performed as citizens in order to eradicate the spreading Dengue menace was held on 24.07.2017 at the department auditorium. Resource contributions were made by Epidemiologist of Colombo District Mrs. Vajira Cruse, Entomologist Mrs. Subashini Ariyaprema and Administrative Health Inspector Mr. Lionel.

thrown after the use of household, water free paying attention to such places since dengue mosquito may possible to breed or lay eggs in the places where the water surface and the thick surface connected Taking actions to prevent the dengue menace by identifying the dengue carrier mosquito larva breeding places was emphasized and the attention was drawn for the environmental factors that could infect dengue mosquito larva breeding. In addition the instructions were given to maintain such places as delicate edges of containers down turned, flower shelters, beauty flower leaves that collect water, flower vases, cans and disposal garbage

together with a little non stagnant water collected. Further it was mentioned that dengue menace could be restrained by cleaning compulsorily in every 7 days as said since metamorphosis of dengue mosquito is 7 days. Furthermore it was emphasized that nobody cannot escape from the dengue menace unless everybody keeps the surroundings where them and neighbors live and the places which people travels frequently such as Temple, Kovil, Church, School, Private classes. All the staff officers of the Department of Pensions including the Director General A. Jagath .D. Dias were participated for this programme.