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According to the budget - 2019, it was decided to convert the pensions of all government officers and tri forces retired until 31.12.2016 and their widows, parallel to the government salary scales of 2017. The preparations are being, made to commence the said converted pensions with effect from July 2019. Accordingly the Department of Pensions has introduced an information technology tool in order to perform the above task successfully and expeditiously. The discussion with the accountants of Western Province was held at the auditorium of the Department of Pensions on 03.05.2019 as the first phase of the series of awareness discussions on this regards. A lengthy discussion was held therein on the entitlement of benefits, performing the relevant duty expeditiously. It has been estimated that the pensions of the pensioners served 25 years is increased in 43% annually by this new pension conversion and therefore nearly Rs. 2,000 of additional cost will be spent per month. Therefore, it is believed that over 500,000 pensioners who retired prior to 01.01.2017 will be benefited.