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  The salary conversion process of the public officers, tri force officers, retired until 31.12.2016 and their recipients of W&OP in accordance with budget proposals 2019 is expeditiously performed in all divisional secretariats across the island. Meanwhile, several divisional secretariats have successfully adjusted the relevant pensions in respect of Government Pensions Scheme 2017. The all staffs, including the pension officers of other divisional secretariats are also engaged in the process of salary conversion expeditiously performing day and night duties. The Department of Pensions has designed a Information Technology System, for pension conversions, therefore the pension computations are being carried out in hundred present accuracy, transparency and expeditiously. The computations of the pensions are performed as per the accurate salary codes and pension percentages automatically, therefore an ability to convert pensions rather the time spend for manual computations is granted herein. Adding the revised pensions to the pensions was initiated since July, and Department of Pensions believes that pension conversion of all pensioners will be completed within the upcoming two months. Further, a series of training programs implemented by the Department to aware the public officers on the new salary conversion process is still in continuously progress. Accordingly, number of training programs on divisional secretariats level was also implemented. Some photos of those workshops and officers involved in the pension conversion are included bellow.