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Circular Number Circular Name Circular Date
03/2015(Revision III) Granting Pension Benefits on the Same Date Of Retirement. 2019-01-09
Circular No : 02/2018 Payment of Pensions during the Year 2019. 2018-11-27
Circular No : 15/2009 (Revision III) Re-Employement of Retired Public Officers and Pension Revision 2018-11-07
Circular No : 09/2008(Revision II) Combined Payments of Military Service and Disability Pensions. 2018-07-17
Circular No :01/2015(Revision II) Refunding of the Widows'/Widowers'/Orphans' Contributions (Forwarding the Applications Online). 2018-06-26
Circular No : 01/2018 Payment of Pensions to Sri Lankan Pensioners Resident Abroad. 2018-06-19
Circular No : 09/2015 (Revision III) Sending Death Gratuity Applications Online 2018-05-04
04/2017 Circular No : Pension Circular No 04/2017 - 2017 Online re-registration of former members who were registered under old No :82/83 and M/F, TWP, Pirivena, Private schools and Local governments categories for widows'/widowers' and orphans' pension schemes 2018-04-09
Circular No 04/2016(I) Establishment of new insurance scheme (Agrahara) for public officers retired after 01.01.2016 in terms of the Budgetary Proposals for 2005 2017-11-24
Circular No 09/2015 Payment Of Death Gratuity,Revised Death Gratuity and Revised Pension Gratuity.(Sending revised pension applications online.) 2017-11-09